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Mind & body working together.

"If there's one thing I've learned over 15 years of practicing remedial massage", says Blanca, "is that not all pains and aches originate from the body. Quite a few come from the mind".

Of course, remedial massage works on the body - specifically, on the muscles. Blanca wanted to go beyond the body.

"Over and over again, in my treatments, I would discover that the root of a physical problem was connected to a person's state of mind, or an emotional experience. We'd discuss it, and sometimes I was able to help not just with my skills as a massage therapist but also with what knowledge I have of how the mind works."

The workings of the mind is a subject that has fascinated Blanca for a long time, since her days as a labour lawyer in Spain. She's an avid reader of anything to do with the brain and the mind, often following proponents of alternative, natural approaches to particular conditions.

Some time ago she decided she needed a more structured approach to her interest in the mind and to her quest to help her clients beyond the purely physical. The result was a diploma in hypnotherapy, and two new items in the Balmain Massage & Wellness Centre's offerings, the 90' hypnomassage and the 45' hypnostarter.


90 minutes - $140

This package combines hypnotherapy with remedial massage. It targets particular conditions that might have had their origin in the mind but resulted in a physical problem which can be addressed by a combination of work on muscles and on the mind.


45' / 60' - $80 / $100

The name says it - this is for those who want to try hypnotherapy. In most cases a 45 minute session is enough to decide whether hypnotherapy is something you like, something that may be useful to help you attain your goal, whatever that may be.